• 23 x 30/50 amp full hookups, dump stations at each site

  • Primitive Sites in "The Grove"

  • Located 7 miles from the noise of Hwy 287. Peaceful, quiet park

  • Best WiFi in the area (included), most campers use smart TVs

  • Unleaded & Diesel Fuels available. Approx. $3/gallon depending on gas prices.

  • BBQ and picnic tables

  • On-site shower and laundry

  • Forgot ice?  No problem.  7lb packaged ice available by Therma Ice

  • Terrific restaurant and store

  • Minnows, large worms, goldfish, frozen shad, frozen chicken livers and frozen shrimp sold here    Call 940-872-3581 for bait anytime.

  • Manager resides on premise for after hours assistance, 940-872-3581

  • 24/7 security surveillance

  • Average temperatures: Spring (50/72), Summer (70/91), Fall (75/45), Winter (50/30)


Calm Lake
Boat Rental
Hanging Laundry
on-site laundry
park Shower

"Loving this place! Awesome location right next to the lake 👍 with a cute little store, shower and laundry. Awesome owners and staff" - Thelvie

"We LOVED this park. We stayed here for 5 weeks and sad to leave. Its right by a beautiful lake with a store and fuel pumps. The owners are friendly. They had internet installed while we were there and it worked great and they have a shower room with a washer and dryer. To anybody coming to work in this area, if you can get a spot here, do it. We will miss ya!" - Melissa

"Great food, friendly staff, and clean! We love having a local store. The food is delish! The owners are the sweetest and the employees are very friendly and welcoming!" - Bethany